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May 8, 2010 Carpenter Theater, Richmond, VA- John Prine with back UP by Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques. Opener the Felice Brothers

Carpenter Center Marquee by Chad

By: Chad
Where to start? First off the Carpenter Theatre is a spectacular venue inside and out.
   The show itself was even better. The Felice Bros. played a short set. That left plenty of time to check out the swag table. How lucky can one man get, they had In Person & On Stage for sale. After I swept that up I purchased A Felice Bros cd, a couple guys from the band had come out and were signing copies. Pretty cool guys.
  John and the Boys took the stage well dressed as usual. It seemed like John was feeling good, in good spirits.
John Prine at the Carpenter Center in VA by Chad   He moved around the stage a lot, even breaking into a little dance at times. He joked one time that he couldn't make it back to the microphone as fast as he used to. He played the crowd great, telling his stories with his wit and charm. At one point I heard from the balcony above a girl scream "John you're still sexy, I love you!", and when I say I heard it, I think most of Richmond did to. From where I was sitting I could see the big grin on his face, maybe the front row guys may have seen that he can still blush. After "Christmas In Prison" he said he didn't want any of us to think he had done hard time, just 18 hrs for a DUI. Also John talked about the upcoming Maywood shows. He said all his brothers would be there and a film crew was going to be with him all week. I think you guys making those shows are in for a treat.
   They played great Saturday night. John's voice sounded strong start to finish. The set list was great, No Killing the Blues, but he did play Bruised Orange. I had never heard it live, that was a fine substitute.
   After the show I made my way out back, met some real good people from WV, had a nice conversation over a smoke with Eric from John's crew. That dude is as cool as the other side of the pillow. Also ran into Dave Jacques out there. My first meet with him, he signed my In Person cd. When we got to step inside to meet with John I ran into Jason Wilber, again my first meet with Jason, he too signed my cd. Then I got my turn to meet John.Chad with John Prine and Jason Wilber, Dave Jacques in the background
This time I was not as nervous, he signed a copy of the photo I had taken in Chattanooga, and The Diamonds In The Rough vinyl I found last week. He posed for a photo and I seen Jason leaning against the wall so I asked him to join in too. Great night, great Mother's Day weekend with my Momma and my brother's family. Took my 12 yr old nephew fishing and got to take in his little league game. Couldn't ask for a better weekend
    John, Jason, and Dave. Thank you for your time. It means a lot to us.
SET LIST: Spanish Pipedream, Oldest Baby In the World, Crooked Piece of Time, Six O'Clock News, Souvenirs, Grandpa Was A Carpenter, Christmas In Prison, Bruised Orange(Chain of Sorrows), Fish and Whistle, Glory of True Love, Angel From Montgomery, (Jason and Dave leave stage) Sins of Memphisto, Jesus; The Missing Years, Please Don't Bury Me, That's The Way The World Goes Round, Dear Abbey, Sam Stone(Jason and Dave return), Bear Creek Blues, That's Alright By Me, Saddle In The Rain, Hello In There, Lake Marie (Encore), Paradise

By: Kevin & Colleen
We have been big John Prine fans for years and have seen John in concert many times. We even drove 120 miles for this one and we were not disappointed. John keeps getting better and better, if that's possible. This was a fantastic show. Two hours long and it seemed like 20 minutes. The rave-up ending to Lake Marie was even better than we've seen him do in the past. All in all a great show and a wonderful time. Thank you John!



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