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Venue: In Person and On Stage review
Date: 2010
By: Driftwood Magazine
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Driftwood magazine review --

Venue: Singletary Center for the Arts, Lexington, KY
Date: April, 1, 2011
By: Calliope Aureatis
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Set List --- 1. Spanish Pipedream 2. Your Flag Decal Won't Get You into Heaven Anymore 3. Six O'Clock News 4. Aimless Love 5. Souvenirs 6. Grandpa was a Carpenter 7. Far from Me 8. Fish & Whistle 9. Glory of True Love 10. Angel from Montgomery 11. The Oldest Baby in the World, 12. Clay Pigeons, 13. In Spite of Ourselves, 14. Dear Abby, 15. That's the Way the That World Goes Round (or the Happy Enchilada song) 16. Sam Stone, 17. Bear Creek Blues, 18. Crooked Piece of Time, 19. Humidity Built the Snowman, 20. Hello in There, 21. Lake Marie, 22. Please Don't Bury Me, 23. Paradise

Venue: huntsville, alabama
Date: 03/05/2011
By: Birddog
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John and Emmy Lou both put on a great show. They had a very appreciative crowd, which made it even more emotional. Glad we went. For only three musicians in each group they really gave a full sound. Both left everyone wanting more.

Venue: Singletary Center for the Arts,
Date: April 1
By: just a fan
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Review ---- John Prine isn't exactly a feverish conversationalist onstage. After all, his 40-plus years of recording and performing are based on the premise that his plainspoken but poetic songs would speak for themselves - which, of course they do. But sometimes, snippets of dialogue used as song intros help illuminate the very human source of Prine's music. On last year's concert recording In Person and On Stage, for example, Prine introduces the title tune to 1999's In Spite of Ourselves, which he performs as a wide-eyed duet alongside Iris DeMent, with a bit of a back story. It seems he was filming a "straight-to-Blockbuster movie" with Billy Bob Thornton when Prine was asked to write a song that could be played under the closing credits. Prine confessed in the intro that his acting career consists of exactly two movies. "I played the same character in both of them: I was the brother-in-law with low self-esteem," he said. "So if you're writing a script or something and you've got that character, just call on me. I know how to do it." The film with Thornton, 2001's Daddy and Them, had Prine and the actor playing brothers, and Andy Griffith as their father. "That would make me Opie's stepbrother, ... which I don't mind, especially at Thanksgiving." We mention this ahead of Prine's return Friday night to the Singletary Center for the Arts - his first appearance at the venue since a June 1990 double-bill performance with Arlo Guthrie - as a reminder of the homespun inspiration that goes into Prine's songs. Sometimes the results are unavoidably comical, as in Dear Abby or the rollicking Spanish Pipedream. In other instances, Prine masks worldly wisdom with folk-friendly whimsy, as in the summery Fish and Whistle. But at his best, the human detail turns inward and the music becomes stark and sobering, as in the drug-addled war veteran lament Sam Stone or the stark old-age requiem Hello in There. It all makes up Prine at his best, and it will all be on brilliant display Friday. Read more:

Venue: Orpheum Theatre Sioux City, IA
Date: June 15 2011
By: Safety Joe

Full Preview here
SIOUX CITY -- American music legend John Prine will perform an evening of his classic songs at the Orpheum Theatre in Sioux City on June 15, with special guest Iris DeMent. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. April 8 at the Orpheum ticket office and all Ticketmaster locations or by phone at 800-745-3000. Prices are $59.50 and $39.50. Long considered a "songwriter's songwriter," John Prine is a rare talent who writes the songs other songwriters would sell their souls for. With one of the most influential and unmistakable songwriting voices of today, Prine continues to cast his perceptive eye upon the subtle complexities of the human condition, delivering his observations in his uniquely concise, illuminating compositions. Some four decades since his remarkable debut, Prine recently released In Person & On Stage, a new live album featuring a duet with Emmylou Harris, proving he's still at the top of his game, both as a performer and songwriter. Recently honored at the Library of Congress by US Poet Laureate Ted Kooser, he's been elevated from the annals of songwriters into the realm of bonafide American treasures

Venue: Belly Up Aspen, CO
Date: Wed 03/23
By: Buzz Ryder

Prine in fine voice; mesmerizes Aspen audience | ----- |
----- ASPEN - Growing up a mere 15 miles from the Texas line, I was always a big fan of singer-songwriters from the Lone Star State: Townes Van Zandt (read more)...

Venue: Von Braun Center, Mark C. Smith Concert Hall
Date: March 5, 2011
By: donnadonna

Bizarre venue! Multiple venues under one roof, so the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circus was going on at the same time as the show. I talked to quite a few parents that wished they were going to the EmmyLou and Prine show, but... This was an equal billing show, in my opinion. Both performed for an hour and a half. It was very cool! There were EmmyLou fans, Prine fans and fans for both! I wish I had kept a song list for Emmy's set, but didn't. She sang a few songs from Red Dirt Girl cd, which is my absolute favorite! She told a story about her father when she sang "Bang The Drum Slowly". He was a pilot in WWII and Korean War, shot down in Korea and prisoner of war for a significant amount of time. When he passed away, she had help from Guy Clark to write this song. Several men/vets that I spoke to were absolutely thrilled with this story and song - they felt respected. She brought John out to sing Guy Clark's "Magnolia Wind". There is a tribute cd being/had been done for Guy Clark and they chose to sing this song as a duet. What a thrill! When she sang, "Red Dirt Girl" I mouthed along with her, in silence, and told a woman sitting next to me that I can now say I sang that song along with EmmyLou! She looked at me kinda weird...oh well. When she told the story of becoming a dog rescuer and sang, "Big Black Dog", I cried...Anyone who knows me, knows how I care about these throw away furbabies. This song will be on her new cd coming out in April. The review below me has the set list correct, not necessarily in that order, but the songs nonetheless. What a hoot when she came out and sang In Spite Of Ourselves with John! She was animated and cute as a bug! I've wanted to hear them sing "Angel From Montgomery" together since the In Person and Onstage cd came out. It was amazing and she got large applause when she sang her verses. Jason and Dave were stellar, as usual. It was fun hearing people comment on "that amazing guitar player! and who in the world is that sexy, amazing bass player"! "I know!" I would say! John told his stories and I loved the one for Fish and Whistle. He was talking about the current Libya situation and when he was in Germany in 1966, they sent two bulldozers to Libya. They had orders to go "protect" those bulldozers, very important equipment! So, "it took 9 days to prepare for the 6 day war." Funny! Bev, he had black cowboy boots on and C&W type jacket that I hadn't seen before. It was very sharp. John's shows are always the cake - sweet, moist, makes ya go mmmmmmm cake. But the icing is always meeting new Prine friends, seeing old Prine friends and having a blast after show with them. Getting to spend some time with "the guys" that work hard behind the scenes is always a treat - we catch up on life since the last time! Can't wait til the next show!


Venue: Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL
Date: 3.5.2011
By: J from Ky.

Awesome show. JP in high spirits; caught up on a few requests from prior concerts, including a couple of deep cuts: "One Red Rose" and "The Oldest Baby In the World," (cowritten with Don Fritts, who was in the audience and got a shoutout from JP, who promised not to forget any of Fritts' lyrics, only his own). The setlist, not in perfect order but complete as far as I can remember. Spanish Pipedream Crooked Piece of Time Speed of the Sound of Loneliness Flag Decal Six O'Clock News Souvenirs Grandpa Was a Carpenter Fish and Whistle In Spite of Ourselves (w/Emmylou Harris) Angel from Montgomery (w/Emmylou Harris) One Red Rose Oldest Baby In the World Please Don't Bury Me Christmas in Prison Dear Abby Sam Stone Bear Creek Blues Lake Marie Paradise (encore)

Venue: Birmingham, AL
Date: 3/11/11
By: Anita Robertson

John came out and started with Spanish Pipedream. One of my favorite songs !!! Set list was as follows: 1. Spanish Pipedream 2. Picture Show 3. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness 4. Your Flag Decal won't get you into Heaven Anymore 5. Six O'Clock News 6..Souvenirs 7. Grandpa was a Carpenter 8. Far From Me 9. Fish and Whistle Then he brought out EmmyLou Harris for A couple of Duets 10. In Spite of Ourselves (with ELH) 11.Angel from Montgomery (With ELH) Emmy Lou left the stage 12. Clay Pigeons 13.Bear Creek 14. Lake Marie Encore 15. Hello In There ( another of my favorites) I didn't keep a set list for EmmyLou but two notes of interest concerning her: She talked about the fact that she runs an dog rescue in her backyard. She saves dogs from a high kill shelter. She mentioned that people need to spay and neuter their pets. She sang a song she wrote about her "Big Black Dog" who is a rescue. Was a fun, happy song--said it will be on her new album. She brought John Prine out for a duet and they did a Guy Clark Song "Magnolia Wind" Which was a perfect song for John to sing!!

Venue: The Peace Center, Greenville SC
Date: 2/26/11
By: CrabbyChar

  The Peace Center's capacity is 2100, and it was sold out. And why not? Old Crow Medicine Show played first, then John Prine brought the whole thing home. It was really a fun show. I had only seen OCMS on You Tube, and I knew I was going to like them (having compulsively watched the "Wagon Wheel" video dozens of times), but they brought it and then some. I have to say that Ketch Secor has it all going on! He has this flow of energy that just keeps on going. I would recommend seeing them live, they are really more than just the sum of their parts. Here is the list of songs they played: 1 - Hard To Love 2 - Down Home 3 - I Hear Them All 4 - We Don't Grow Tobacco 'Round Here No More 5 - Goin' Back To Mountain City 6 - In This World 7 - Levi 8 - Roll In The Hay - Good Lookin' 9 - Genevive 10 - Mississippi Saturday Night 11 - Alabama High Test 12 - Rise Again 13 - C.C. Rider 14 - Wagon Wheel 15 - Tell It To Me I have no idea how long they played, I got distracted at how good the performance was. I'd go see them tomorrow again in a heartbeat!
   Then John Prine came out, and it was really good to hear the roar of the crowd for him. Dave and Jason looked great, Dave newly without his signature ponytail. I like the new look. They started right out with high energy, and didn't slow down for much. Here's the list: 1- Spanish Pipedream (John ended that with a little hop-on-one-foot dance move, so it was evident he was feeling good!) 2- Crooked Piece Of Time 3- Speed At The Sound Of Loneliness 4- Flag Decal (He said he wrote that song 41 years ago. At the end of the line "Stuck one on my wife's forehead." he said "She was going to a Tea Party" He said he was glad to be back on the road with OCMS . Then he says with a grin on his face "It's good to be young." 5- Souvenirs - for Stevie Goodman 6- Far From Me 7- Grandpa 8- Whistle/Fish 9- Glory Of True Love (without the introductory story) 10- Angel - Solo - 11- Mexican Home 12- Please Don't Bury Me 13- Sam Stone - Dave and Jason came back and rejoined - 14- Bear Creek 15- Lake Marie. They left briefly, then all 9 of them came back on stage! That place was packed! They sang a great loud electric version of Saddle In The Rain. It was really something to hear with all the other instruments added in. Then they all sang Paradise together, and as you all know, that's when the fat lady sings!


Venue: Cayamo
Date: Feb 2011
By: PMS*red

Paste Magazine details a few highlights from The Cayamo Cruise and guess who made the list? --- 10 Unforgettable Moments From Cayamo 2011 - Paste Magazine A week aboard the Cayamo cruise may be the single coolest thing about my job. Seven days in the Caribbean with the likes of Patty Griffin, Steve Earle, John Prine, Buddy Miller, the Indigo Girls and Brandi Carlile is as much fun as you might imagine.... read more--

More Cayamo reviews : here

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The Cayamo cruise is an Americana and folk music festival on the water. It's a great environment for music fans and musicians alike. The first of regular reports from Cayamo: John Prine laughed and said the 60-minute limit on his Cayamo show posed some pacing problems. "We usually play for two and a half hours, and we're trying to cram it all into an hour," he said. That meant a little less conversation with the audience, but a full slate of Prine classics, including "Six O'Clock News," Grandpa Was A Carpenter" and "Hello in There." Brandi Carlile seemed overjoyed to sing "In Spite of Ourselves" and blushed when Prine sang "convict movies make her horny." She then joined in on a powerful rendtion of "Angel From Montgomery." Prine joked about the gore of early songs like "Six O'Clock News" and later revisited the theme with his closer "Lake Marie" and its intertwining of senseless violence and trying to rekindle a marriage over sausages. The audience "sizzled" on cue.


Venue: Glynn Archer Center Key West
Date: Feb. 11, 2011
By: KingKey

Response to review by Crustymcd: The opening act was Dana Collins Belser, and for those of us who live in the Upper Keys, we've always known him as Dana Collins (a.k.a., "Doc Holliday," his stage name). To the best of my knowledge, Dana doesn't consume alcohol nowadays, though, so what he was chugging was likely water. Being the opening act for a living legend -- even one that he has known personally for many years -- must be a daunting task, so I'm guessing he had a tendency towards a very dry mouth. As for the encore, it was certainly not how Dana would have preferred it, of course, but it was probably due to problems with the written lyrics as you mentioned, and a certain level of unfamiliarity with that particular song... but not due to his being wasted. That much, I can assure you!

Venue: Glynn Archer Center Key West
Date: 2/11/11
By: Crustymcd

Front row center for John Prine - it doesn't get any better then that! John and the band were on fire. I've seen him almost every year for 10 years now and this was the best concert in recent memory. JP looked like he had lost a few lbs since the last time I saw him and he just looked great. Their was an extra bounce in his step. It was good to see. First thing he did was ask the audience if they felt good and after the roar that followed he said "I do too!" And it showed. The crowd was into it, cheering almost every song as soon as it started. At one point, JP started the first few notes of a song and the crowd cheered and he stopped, laughing, and said " I have about 5 songs that start that way, you can't know which one it is." But we just couldn't help ourselves. We were cheering the man. During a fantastic "Angels from Montgomery", the crowd cheered every line, as if we wanted John to know that EVERY LINE of that song is great. Which is true, of course. The solo Sam Stone and Donald and Lydia literally brought tears to the eyes. I'm not kidding. Our friends cried. My eyes got misty during the first song and that's a happy song. Spanish Pipedream, of course. There was an unusual occurence after Souvenirs, when John usually says "That was for Steve Goodman." He said " That was in memory of" and than a strange name I never heard of. Could it be an inside joke, like a nickname for Goodman? There was a lot of humor during the evening. JP was not only on fire musically, his stories were extra good this night. A few new ones and even the ones I've heard before seemed funnier. Maybe that's what the front row does for you. But the funniest part of the evening was at the expense of the opening act, I'm afraid. He was listed on the web site as Dana Belser but John kept calling him Dana Collins, I think. He was chugging a drink while on stage, putting on a fine show. We were thinking it was an "adult beverage", as my wife said "At least someone gets to drink at Key West High School tonight". But we were certain when, later, JP called Dana out to sing a verse of Paradise during the encore. It looked like Dana was trying to read the words from something on the floor in front of him and I guess they weren't written correctly because he didn't seem to get any right, and unfortunatly in a comical way. It was like he was speaking in tongues or something. He seemed a tad wasted, to put it mildly. But it didn't matter. I'd probably over celebrate opening for Prine also. This was a great concert by a great American songwriter and I feel privileged to have lived during John Prines times.


Venue: Viaduct Theater, 3111 North Western Ave., Chicago, Illinois.
Date: Friday, January 14, 2011
News release:

Here Today Enterprises, LLC, in association with Phoenix Theatre of Indianapolis and Prop Theatre of Chicago, announces Prine: A Tribute Concert. Conceived by Phoenix Theatre Producing Director Bryan Fonseca, this concert is being launched for a full run, opening Friday, January 14, 2011 at the Viaduct Theater, 3111 North Western Ave., Chicago, Illinois.

Prine: A Tribute Concert

Prine: A Tribute Concert is a concert bringing together the fabulous music of John Prine with talented musicians that Fonseca has worked with and known over many years. The concert spans 30-plus years of Prine's music, whose style has been labeled everything from folk and country to rock and alternative, but which in the end is more simply described as heartfelt and human.

Fonseca has been listening to Prine's music since Prine's self-titled debut album was released in 1971 and has seen him live more times than he can count. "I have seen many artists live, but there is something special about being there when Prine performs. He lights up the room with his music and personality, which are not overstated or demanding, but instead warm and approachable," stated Fonseca. He went on to say "I have always been drawn to singer songwriters, perhaps because they tend to bare their souls in their songs and performances, so if I can't hear Mr. Prine in concert, I want to listen to some of the most talented musicians that I know interpret his songs." The six musicians include some of the area's most skilled and talented individuals: Tim Brickley (Indianapolis), Tim Grimm (Columbus, Indiana), Bobbie Lancaster (Bloomington, Indiana), Jan Lucas-Grimm (Columbus, Indiana), Megon McDonough (Chicago) and Michael Shelton (Indianapolis). "We are all certainly fans of Prine and his ability to weave wonderful musical stories with down-to-earth lyrics about the human condition" said Tim Grimm, who said that was one of the reasons he is thrilled to be a part of this concert.


About the Musicians

Tim Brickley'S 26th collaboration with Bryan Fonseca and The Phoenix Theatre is Prine: A Tribute Concert. Tim's association with the Phoenix began with 1986's Accidental Death Of An Anarchist and includes productions of Three Penny Opera, Bat Boy: The Musical and the original production The Zippers Of Zoomerville which will be back at The Phoenix Theatre in May of 2011. Tim is a recording engineer/producer, sings jazz with his Quintet and Big Band, and composes for film and television at his Hit City Recording (in now-trendy SoBro).


Tim Grimm's third show affiliated with the Phoenix is Prine: A Tribute Concert. He previously acted in Bluff and directed The Handler. Tim has performed in numerous ChicaGo Productions at Victory Gardens, Steppenwolf and Goodman theaters, and has performed at Indiana Repertory Theatre, most notably in An Almost Holy Picture, The Grapes of Wrath (also singer-composer), Amber Waves and ART. As a singer-songwriter, he has released eight acclaimed cds, and tours nationally and internationally.

Bobbie Lancaster is an InDiana Songwriter and a 2010 Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalist who has just released her first solo album. Bobbie is one of the founders of the Bloomington Songwriters Showcase and also works with children and has two albums of original music for kids!


Jan Lucas-GRIMM worked as an actress in Chicago and Los Angeles for many years before moving back to the Midwest with her husband Tim Grimm and their children. She has appeared previously at the Phoenix in Over The Tavern and has worked in Chicago, including Remy Bumpo, Goodman and Steppenwolf theaters, and has written plays and taught playwriting. Her play Talking American was commissioned by the International Center of Indiana along with the Indiana Repertory Theatre. Another of her plays, Freedom Is My Home, was commissioned by actress Charlotte Battin and has been performed for many years as a one-woman show. Jan's book "My Beautiful Leukemia," published by Hoosier Books, was released in July 2010.


MEGON McDONOUGH is well-known in the Chicago area and perhaps best known for her work as an inaugural member of The Four Bitchin Babes. She has performed on stages as varied as The Cellar Door and Carnegie Hall and is an accomplished comedic actress having appeared in numerous Theater Productions including Pump Boys and Dinettes, Beehive and a box office record-breaking starring role in Always Patsy Cline. McDonough has nine solo albums to her credit. With her most recent album, My One and Only Love, McDonough realized a lifelong dream of recording jazz and torch songs.

Michael Shelton's favorite Phoenix appearances include The Pillowman, Bug, Drunk Enough To Say I Love You, The Seafarer, A Very Phoenix Xmas (all five years), Three Days of Rain, Bluff, The Laramie Project, and Take Me Out - which he also performed at the Caldwell Theatre in Boca Raton, FL. He has been in 20 some shows at the Indiana Repertory Theatre, most recently Becky's New Car; and played Andy Lee in 42nd Street in Moscow, Russia; and Benedick in Heartland Actors' Repertory Theatre (HART)'s Much Ado About Nothing at the White River State Park.


About Prine
John Prine has a large and loyal following throughout the United States and around the world. Some of the world's most famous singer songwriters list Prine as an enormous influence in their music, including Bob Dylan, Bonnie Rait and Kris Kristofferson. Often given the credit of discovering John Prine, Kris Kristofferson heard Prine and remarked that he wrote songs so good that "we'll have to break his thumbs." Born in 1946 in Maywood, Illinois, Prine is an American country/folk singer songwriter who has been active as a recording artist and live performer since the early 1970's.


Ticket Prices
Performance times are: • Fridays at 7:00 pm (January 14, 21, 28 and February 4, 2011) • Saturdays at 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm (January 15, 22, 29 and February 5, 2011) • Sundays at 3:00 pm (January 16, 23, 30 and February 6, 2011)♣♠♦ Ticket prices are $25 for adults (all performances) and $20 for students and seniors (age 65 and older).

For more information about this production or to purchase tickets, call the Viaduct Theater box office at 773.296.6024.

Tickets may also be purchased online.

The theatre's website is


Read more: here

Read more: here




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