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Mar 26 , 2010 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN- John Prine with back UP by Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques. Opener Leon Redbone


By: Mark
Been a Prine fan for over 20 years and have seen him four times now, and he never disappoints! He gets better and better with age. This was my wife's first Prine concert, and she was blown away by the depth of his lyrics - I always have a hard time trying to decide if I like his lyrics or his complex yet simple guitar tunes better! Is he a poet or a musician? The correct answer - he is both! What a show! Can't wait for the new album!

By: donnadonna aka noticketdonna
THE best Prine concert I've ever seen, and I've seen a ton of em! John was so happy, dancin' all over the place, talkin' to the audience, not just tellin' stories (even tho he did that, but in such a more familial way) that a word, familial? Anyway..I heard some songs I hadn't heard before - Saddle In The Rain, Crooked Piece of Time and one my favorites - Oldest Baby in the World - I KNOW he wrote that just for me, right? haha...Dave was better than ever on the bass, absolutley blew us away with Saddle in the Rain. Jason's riffs were fresh and awesome. And of course having Billy join in on Paradise just always feels right as can be...and he ripped his verse that had the crowd whoopin' and hollerin'...I had such a good time sharin' that evenin' with was pure fun, just so was great...lots of other great things happened with friends from the Shrine and the meet and greet afterwards, but those are MY stories for MY memories and they can't be boughten...

By: Valerie Villman

John Prine w/Leon Redbone at The RymanPrine TimeJim Ridley If John Prine had written nothing else in his career but the couplet, “She thinks all my jokes are corny / Convict movies make her horny,” we would still ransack every Grammy and gold record on Don Henley’s mantel and leave them all for Prine in a heap at Brown’s Diner. But the man’s got a catalogue wider and deeper than Lake Louise — a treasure trove of protest songs that retain their corrosive bite (“Sam Stone,” “Paradise”), mordant slices of life (“Donald and Lydia,” “Hello in There”), and character sketches of utterly mysterious beauty and empathy (“Angel from Montgomery”). Elvis Costello recently celebrated him as an American legend on the Spectacle TV show, no doubt kicking himself for not writing the line, “I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve.” But even after a brush with cancer that left his voice lower and scratchier, Prine wears his mantle lightly — it’s hard to think of many other legends who’d drawl out every lusty goofball syllable of “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian.” No funny songwriter was ever sadder, and no sad songwriter was ever funnier. And if it means getting to hear this genius in the flesh, the deaf can take both my ears, if they don’t mind the size. this came out before the concert in the Nashville Scene



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