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By: Charlene Stevenson aka "CrabbyChar"

  John Prine delivered a fantastic show Saturday night. The Old Town School of Folk, in a quaint little old neighborhood a little north of downtown Chicago. A benefit for the Old Town, there was a silent auction going on before the show. Wine was flowing, so were beers... Different musicians were playing throughout the facility. A lute player entertained upstairs, a woman played guitar in the lobby and a fellow played harmonica in a back room. The atmosphere was light in anticipation of our favorite singer songwriter
   The show started at 8:15 and ran for three hours. To the best of my ability, as I was writing this down in the dark, this is the set list: 1. Spanish Pipedream 2. Oldest Baby In The World 3. Crooked Piece Of Time (made very electric by Dave Jacques) 4. 6 O'Clock News 5. Souvenirs 6. Far From Me 7. Grandpa Was A Carpenter 8. Fish & Whistle 9. Late John Garfield Blues 10. Glory Of True Love 11. Crazy As A Loon. 12. Angel From Montgomery
   Then, he did a solo set. 13. Missing Years 14. Sins of Memphisto 15. My Old Man (dedicated to Steve Goodman's mother, Monette, who was in the front row) 16. Illegal Smile 17. Way Back Then 18. Please Don't Bury Me 19. Chain Of Sorrow 20. That's The Way The World Goes Round 21. Sam Stone
   Band rejoins him at the end of Sam Stone and everybody gets their electric guitars on and rocks that little 400 seat venue
   22. That's Alright By Me 23. She Is My Everything 24. Ain't Hurtin Nobody 25. Hello In There 26. Lake Marie The usual main set closer, he played it for almost 10 minutes. They came back out and to my surprise played 27. Christmas In Prison and finally 28. Paradise
   He told so many stories in between all the songs, most I had heard or read about before, but he took his time in telling all the stories, adding details I had never heard. The one I liked the best was about that first night at The Fifth Peg at open mike night. He had commented to his friends "This sucks" - just loud enough for his friends to hear but not so loud as to offend the performer. His friends said "Can you do better" He said "I had had just the right number of beers to get up and play" He had up to that point always considered himself a sort of shy guy, but it turns out that if you put him behind a microphone and shined a light on him, he couldn't shut up! He said that was the most comfortable he had ever felt. His first ever three songs? Sam Stone, Hello In There and Paradise! When he got done with those first three songs the crowd just sat quiet for a moment, probably dumbstruck then broke into applause
   He shared so many stories, the evening was completely delightful
   I can not wait to see Mr Prine again.

By: Ima Prinefan
Full Review
John Prine's Old Town homecoming a gem
The Old Town School of Folk Music called on one of its own to headline its annual benefit gala on Saturday. No matter how much money was raised, the outcome couldn't have been better. Singer/guitarist John Prine, who began taking classes at the school in 1961, delivered a brilliant three-hour performance that encapsulated the local institution's missions and folk's communal traditions. The Maywood native put on a clinic in storytelling, regaling the sold-out crowd with biographical tales, historical recollections and transfixing narratives.

Battling a cough that weakened his raspy voice, Prine transcended any difficulties with warm humor and masterful playing. Bassist David Jacques and guitarist Jason Wilber also provided a safety net. Yet none was needed. Laughing at himself and interjecting comedic asides into songs, Prine seemed genuinely honored to return to where he got his initial start. Personal accounts framed nearly every tune. Prine's insightful descriptions of his early experiences—his first job, first onstage appearance, first heartbreaking relationship—paralleled the transparency of the human conditions outlined in bittersweet classics such as "Sam Stone" and "Six O'Clock News."

Poignant emotions ran deep. Underlying sadness and loss infiltrated a majority of ballads, including a cover of Steve Goodman's "My Old Man." And while Prine briefly entertained rockabilly and blues disciplines, even plugging in for the garage jangle of "She Is My Everything," he primarily remained true to country and folk's roots heritage. The trio's basic arrangements allowed acoustic notes to dance like dry leaves blowing in a peaceful wind. Not that Prine always held back.

Demonstrating a razor-sharp wit, the former Chicagoan upped the pace on a series of feel-good songs whose lighthearted attitude and rhymed couplets conveyed a joy as big as the smile on his face. What a homecoming.


Mar 4, 2010  RIALTO SQUAERE Theatre, Joliet, IL - John Prine with back UP by Jason Wilber and Dave Jacques. Opener Jason Wilber


By: Shane P.
Set List

1. Spanish Pipedream
2. Oldest Baby in the World
3. Crooked Piece of Time
4. Six o'Clock News
5. Souvenirs
6. Grandpa Was a Carpenter
7. Fish and Whistle
8. Glory of True Love
9. Crazy as a Loon
10. Angel from Montgomery
  11. Jesus the Missing Years
12. The Sins of Memphisto
13. All the Best
14. Sam Stone
15, That's All Right by Me
16. Saddle in the Rain
17. I Ain't Hurtin' Nobody
18. Hello in There
19. Lake Marie.....dedicated to Crusher
20. Encore........Paradise -

Great show! John has changed up the tempo on some of the songs and is allowing Jason to shine like I've never heard. They slowed up Lake almost sounded like a ballad until the rocking end.

By: Bill
Awesome concert: I had tears in my eyes when he dedicated Lake Marie to Crusher 'wherever you are'


By: Mrs. Gene Williams and family
It was an absolute joy to listen and watch John perform. I saw him the last time he was in Joliet with my late husband who was a huge Prine fan. I took my son with me for this show, and he was blown away by Prines performance- as was I. Prine made us smile and cry. He really knows how to touch the soul. It was an incredible performance from Prine and a bittersweet night for my familty. Thank you John.

By: J.R. Nolan
Thanks for another great evening John. My wife and I saw you in Kansas City last summer. The winter didn't slow you down at all. Great show and song selection. Don't stay away from Joliet as long. It's a great place to enjoy you and your music.

By: Michael Fitzgerald
I have seen John Prine a number of times over the years and this was by far the best! John looked ready to play and was full of energy. Rialto is my favorite venue ( five minutes from Home) Lots of old and New(er) Played about 25 songs over 2 hours. Prine sideman Guitarist Jason opened up solo. . Prine included 'Souveniers" " Sam Stone' " Hello in There" " The late John Garfield Blues" " Lake Marie" " Spanish Pipedream" " "Jesus, The missing years" . Prine demonstrated, again, the unique ability to make you laugh out loud, cry , and laugh again even inthe same song. Who else can do that ? AWESOME SHOW- Five stars

By: Mike Abrams
This was the best concert I've seen in years. Great venue, Rialto is by far the most amazing place to see a concert, something totally out the ordinary. Sound and views are worth any extra cost you pay and the staff is top notch. I ask for a shot and beer and I was serve 3 shots and beer and this was top shelf. Lit up like a birthday cake before I even sat down, The usher showed us our seats "good thing", sat back and enjoy John and the band do what they do best, really can't explain the vibe but for 2 hours it felt like the old days execpt everyone was little more haggerd looking, including me. Thanks John for sharing your gift of song and stories of past lives, lonesome lovers and ex wives, All the best.


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