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Venue: Murat Theatre -Old National Center, Indianapolis
Date: Sat Dec 6th, 2010

By: Ginger Jones
Love John Prine. Love Jason Wilbur. Loved the show. It was awesome. Thanks guys.

Venue: Murat Theater, Indianapolis, IN.
Date: 12-04-10
By: T.S

Great concert! Great seats! I've seen John about 7 times since the 70's. He's just so cool! Funny incident at the beginning of this concert. Two couples, with seats in the very front row, arrived about a minute after he had started the first song. As they made their way over people's legs to their seats, he just stood there about 4 feet from them, looking down on them. As they got to their seats, directly in front of him, he looked down on them and said, "glad you could make it!". The audience thought it was hilarious. Hopefully, they were a little ashamed of themselves for arriving so late. He seemed more talkative between songs than the previous times I had seen him, perhaps because this was the last stop on his tour. There was more than once that I found myself tearing up, and a couple of times I thought I might actually cry. His songs are so beautiful, and he sings them with such feeling. He seemed to be having a little trouble with his voice. I hope he is feeling better and can rest. I always go to see him anytime he comes within driving distance.

Venue: Murat Theater at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN
Date: 12/04/10
By: “Eat a lot of Peaches” Ed from Chicago. IL
Verify: x4kjs


An enthusiastic and fun-loving crowd with many singing along to their favorite tunes. Jason Wilber did an outstanding job priming the crowd for the main event. Dedicated the song “In Her Veins” to his wife Michelle who was in the audience and we had the pleasure of chatting with during the intermission, while Jason signed numerous copies of his CDs to adoring fans. Like my own wife (of soon to be 25 years), Michelle is a vision of loveliness and was a pleasure to meet. The wine and beer were flowing as numerous people were re-filling in between songs. Burly young men seated in front of us were high-fiving while singing along to “Pretty Good”. Near the end of the concert, several couples were up and dancing in the two outer aisles – Love, Love, Love. Souvenirs were selling fast as the last Red, White & Blue Prine winter beanie hat was sold from the display board as Jason and Dave graciously signed a Prine Flyswatter. A father commented to his son while leaving in the orderly crowd, “always nice people at Prine concerts.” Thanks to John, Jason, Dave & Co. for showing us the way. Keep us going boys! For Crabby Char (her charms make great stocking stuffers), here is the set list as best I recall. *** 1. Spanish Pipedream*** 2. Crooked “Pizza” Time*** 3. Hello in There*** 4. Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore*** 5. 6 O'Clock News*** 6. Souvenirs*** 7. Grandpa Was A Carpenter*** 8. Storm Windows*** 9. Fish & Whistle***10. Glory of True Love***11. Angel from Montgomery***12. You Got Gold***13. Donald & Lydia***14. Dear Abby***15. Humidity Built the Snowman***16. Sam Stone***17. Bear Creek***18. Pretty Good***19. Lake Marie***20. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus ***21. Everything is Cool***22. Paradise

Venue: Murat Theater at Old National Centre Indianapolis, IN
Date: 12/3/10
By: David Lindquist, Metromix
Verify: x4kjs


.John Prine at Old National Centre ____ Full Review and photos here: photo Credit:Joe Vitti / Metromix. ____ On his final night of touring for 2010, John Prine proved to be exceedingly generous in sharing the stories behind his celebrated storytelling. The singer-songwriter eased into an autobiographical Saturday night at the Murat Theatre in Old National Centre, noting that he wrote “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore” 40 years ago. Back then, he didn’t think the song would be relevant for long, but Saturday’s rendition included Prine’s most modern commentary. “She was on her way to a tea party,” he deadpanned after the song’s lyric based on placing a decal on his wife’s forehead. ____Across his two-hour performance, the Chicago native grew more specific when talking about his signature compositions. The cherish-our-elders sentiment of "Hello in There," for instance, took root during Prine's stint as a 12-year-old paper boy who visited a retirement home every afternoon. Prine pinpointed Army base Fort Polk and nearby Leesville, La., as inspirations for "Donald and Lydia." Basic training brought Prine to Fort Polk in the 1960s, when he wrote songs merely to entertain himself. ____ When introducing "Sam Stone," the former mailman recalled the night he took his songwriting habit public. At a Chicago bar known as the Fifth Peg, Prine hit a 1970 open stage with an astounding trio of "Donald an Lydia," "Hello in There" and "Sam Stone." It's no wonder he was hailed as a "new" Bob Dylan. One early songwriting colleagues in the Windy City, Ed Holstein, missed a chance to hitch himself to Prine's rising star. ____ In amusing between-song banter, Prine recalled Holstein's prowess at all-you-can-eat buffets and his suggestion to co-write a song. Prine initially resisted, but asked what Holstein had in mind. A song about "old people," was Holstein's response. Prine said he already had exhausted the topic on "Hello in There," but suggested tackling the tale of a middle-aged woman who feels older than her years -- and Holstein passed. Prine is pictured with guitarist Jason Wilber. ____ The idea became "Angel from Montgomery," and Prine's funny story instantly gave way to a devout sing-along. In case after case, the 64-year-old showed how day-to-day anecdotes swelled to immortal status in song. Prine punctuated the end of show-opener "Spanish Pipedream" with infectious joy, and he hammered a Bo Diddley beat on acoustic guitar at the conclusion of "Grandpa Was a Carpenter." Prine is pictured with bass player Dave Jacques. ____Bloomington-based musician Jason Wilber won fans all night long, first as the show's opening act armed with tunes melancholic ("Lost in Your Hometown") and magical ("King for a Day") and then as guitarist in Prine's band. Wilber added playful mandolin to "Fish and Whistle," Nashville guitar picking on "Flag Decal" and a Telecaster's liquid sustain on "Storm Windows." ____During Prine's "6 O'Clock News," Wilber provided high harmony vocals on the chorus of, "C'mon, baby, spend the night with me" -- a line that ultimately illustrates the tragic potential of any one-night stand. As the final number before a three-song encore, crowd-pleasing "Lake Marie" tied together Prine's specialties of myth, violence, estrangement and love, plus a string of fizzy pop-culture references while his legs danced below his guitar: "Louie, Louie," "Brown-Eyed Girl," James Cagney catchphrase "Top of the world, Ma," and "Wake Up Little Susie."



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