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COMMENTS: I'm a big country fan. I purchased the CD for the song titles knowing it would have to be at least a decent CD with all those wonderful songs, actually ordered the CD with out listening to it first. I was wonderfully pleased and found the more I listened the more I liked it. I would love to hear more duets in the future of this same venue. In Spite of ourselves is truly a unique song.

FROM: pyreta
I stumbled upon this the other night while at a local club here in New Orleans at closing time & was completely enthralled. I asked the bartender the name & bought the album the next day. I am not the kind to normally "sway" to this type of music but there's something about it that just stuck to the roof of my brain, you know - like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth. Just goes to show - you learn something new everyday and in spite of Myself- I can't stop playing it over and over again both in the c.d. player and in my mind! Thanks Barkeep!!!!!!

FROM: s jones wpg, mb, canada
I picked this up for a road trip a couple of weeks ago, and it has been played constantly since it ended up in my apartment, to the delight of all who live there. In fact, both my girlfriend and my best friend's girlfriend claimed (completely independently) that the song "in spite of ourselves" should be the song for each of our weddings, should we ever happen to get married. fine tunes.

FROM: ijohnston
I think this is a GREAT album. I enjoy all of JP's music, and this is one CD you can listen to over & over (and I do!!) I particularly enjoy the songs with Irish Dement

FROM: Gary
A rare treasure of classic duets and some new all spiced up the Prine way. John Prine's singing with the women who paired up with him is gravel on silk. I couldn't get enough.

FROM: alastair mann
I heard this album in my mates house one day as he is a part of 3-piece band and we were having a session play  his other members and he played this CD and we all started to play along with it, in my view it's the best album I've heard in a long time it has my 100%vote

FROM:  Glenn Sorensen 
I've listened to John Prine since I was about 14 years old. He is my favourite songwriter and one of my favourite singers. He's got that songwriting ability that makes you want to listen and in turn enjoy his music. Listening to duets with John is simply a bonus." In Spite of Ourselves" is a great accomplishment. it's good to know who John himself likes to sing with, So, in John Prine's' own words speaking of Iris Dements' music,......"Listen to this music, this is John Prine. It's good for you!

FROM: Mike Littwin
UPDATE: This album is a great way to "pick up" girls who sing. And mend bridges with lost loves. Please have Mr. Prine do an album about finding and KEEPING that special love in our life. The line up of female voices in this collection is remarkable.

FROM:  bob r.
Incredibly tasteful choice of country tunes, impeccable duets with an interesting range of country lady singers and his work with Iris Dement is simply beyond words. That great growly voice and the changes of mood from sad to thoughtful to defiant to downright silly. This one goes to the desert island.

FROM bruce legge
an amazingly complex mood enhancing album. because he only wrote one song on this album it's the emotion, lyrics and song mix of other great songwriters which adds a new dimension to John Prine through his collaborative efforts with tremendous female artists. this album has a grammy award written in every song. listen to it in your car during rush hour and you'll wish you're stuck for hours.

FROM: Richard Aries
I had never before heard John Prine until public radio did a story and played clips from "In Spite of Ourselves." He's VERY real and genuine. He's a true artist for those who think and feel. I now own all of his CDs!


I loved all of it, especially songs sung with Iris DeMent. I wish they could have appeared together in Canada as they are excellent together......Favourite song on the CD "In Spite of Ourselves"

FROM: George Anderson - N.Ireland
It is so good that I can't pick out a favorite track.

FROM: Mike Littwin
How inconvenient!  Every word to every song AND the chords, all "in kind" from the artist's web site. Now I have another 16 songs to learn. Jeez I even gotta go out a find a woman to sing with me, she might even be impressed with the song and then what? If I gotta married because of this album I think the least John Prine could do is sing at the wedding. The Date? Any day except Christmas Eve.  :-)

mike cunneen
hi, really love the album, read a article about it in the Irish times, and checked it out, had never heard any of john prine's music before, but when I saw one of his guests was iris dement, l had to purchase, and was l in for a treat, l will be checking out more of johns recordings in the near future. by the way, great site.

FROM: Bruce L. Goodlett
Love it' Have been a fan for years of both John and classic country music its perfect fit for him. Hope he does another one. And keeps in writing those pretty songs too, Just wish my dad was still here so we could have a couple cold ones and listen to it he would have loved it.

FROM: claire reilly
Hi, I bought this cd for my husband, the true JP fan in our family. HE HATED IT!! I kind of liked it, thus the reason for our not one of our favorites rating. I kind of like the twanginess of the duos and I really do find myself playing it over and over (when my husband's in bed!!)

FROM: WPagel
In Spite of Ourselves is a must for anyone who grew up with Country Music coming from the AM radio. There are hundreds of hard-core country tunes destined to be forgotten if not for the efforts of artists like John Prine. He delivers every song with his unique style without losing the essence of the original. No wonder the ladies were lining up to get in on this one. This is truly a tribute album; a tribute to the heart of Country Music.

FROM:Mike Love
Classic J. Prine, unsophisticated, down to earth Americana. I heard the title song "In spite of ourselves." while driving across I70 in Maryland. I had never heard this Prine song, but loved it the minute I heard it. It is not easy to hear John Prine in Washington, D.C. but Annapolis Progressive WRNR has it if you can tune them in. Great song about true love amongst true Americans. I don't care what the rest of the album sounds like.

FROM: Garth Hill
This is the first I've bought of John Prine - heard his interviews on National Public Radio. I really enjoy the music. It's not what I normally listen to, but plan to do more in the future. You have a new fan in the making. Thanks for giving us honest, heartfelt music with such lovely voices in duet.

I liked the whole album. (CD) I know he didn't write the songs except one, but that's OK. The CD is great. I've liked John for 20 years plus. I saw him only twice but both times were memorable.

FROM: Dyle Dant
Really liked most of it. My wife doesn't approve, so got to play it when she ain't around. He sounds great with Iris. Lots of good tunes in there!

FROM: Dan B.
It's nice to hear John having fun with his ladies of country. The title track really makes me excited to hear a new album of Prine originals. Can't Wait!

Russ and Mary Ellen
We bought the new CD (In Spite of ourselves) there although we were going to buy it soon anyway. The word was out that the CD only had one John Prine composition on it and some people wanted more of John's work. However, when we listened to it we instantly fell in love with it. It is obviously a work that is dear to John's heart.

FROM: dmorgan
I was introduced to John Prine's music the summer of '73 through brother Dave who was living in Madison, WI, where I was attending school.  One thing I can say about "In Spite of Ourselves", Mr. Prine's latest efforts...the man steadfastly refuses to disappoint. My only regret is that those of you who truly appreciate John's music didn't have had the opportunity to sit on the front porch of the two story apartment on Eighth Street in Mad-Town to listen to the group of musicians who assembled nightly to pick, grin et. al. Those were magical moments.

FROM: Chris O'C, Gateshead. U.K.
Great site; I have just discovered it, though I discovered John Prine as a mere boy in 1972. In some ways have recently rediscovered the man and his music. I notice that contributors vary in their opinions on the new "In Spite of Ourselves". Personally, I think it is a real achievement, encapsulating lots of the essence of what John Prine has always been, a troubadour for the masses. His gift is to make us rethink some of these older country songs, seeing their humour and genuine pathos when we are often treated to maudlin and sugary confections devoid of any human spirit. In this I think Prine has managed to show the best of the genre, greatly helped it must be said by the back-porch divas chosen to accompany him. Once again this shows the very style of the man. Some might think that to use style and Prine and the same sentence is oxymoronic, but no, "In Spite of Ourselves" is one stylish (illicit?) affair.

FROM: John R
I have been a John Prine fan since 1979. Sure it's not a typical John Prine album but the one thing I have always loved about John is that he really doesn't give a rats about what people think. He sings what he wants. I only recall a few of the songs on the album from the past but they are all good, honest, songs. I wasn't sure I made the right choice when I bought the album (as if I wouldn't have since I own all his others) but I was hooked the first time I heard it. Now I play it all the time.

It helps to be a country music fan to really enjoy the humor and the sadness in the lyrics. This is John's country album and he probably did it for himself most of all. This is John's roots, so this is John. Just enjoy it for what it is. It is wonderful.

FROM: Tanya
I've recorded all of John Prine's records onto cassette tapes to listen in my car while driving.  I've been singing along with the same old songs for years and I still hear new things that make me laugh and make me cry. His words are real and true and make me appreciate both the strangers around my closest friends and family. John - thank you for saying it.

FROM: Brian Frain
This album is really hard to compare to any of John's other stuff because it's totally different. This was a pet project of John's, done for himself and his fans. He put this out partially because he wanted to give his fans something new to listen to while he works on a new original album. I love the fact that Iris DeMent is on so much of it. I've been an Iris fan for about 5 or 6 years now, ever since a friend bought one of her cd's thinking that it was something else. He didn't like it and gave it to me, thinking I would. Boy did I. It was also great to hear John's wife, Fiona. She has a wonderful voice and it would be great to see her on stage with John. My favorite songs on the album are probably "In a town this size" and "In spite of ourselves." I grew up in a town that size. I can relate. The title cut from John's upcoming movie gives all of the anxiously awaiting fans some idea of what to expect. Should be a scream. Four stars. Go, John, go...

FROM: Eddie Wesselhoff
I've been playing In Spite of Ourselves at least twice a day, I don't understand how a true Prine fan cannot love this CD. John is sharing his memories and his roots with us. One of the most refreshing things about In Spite of Ourselves is that these songs are not the same old rehashed country "classics" but, at least to my unschooled country ear, unique, quality solid songs. John's choice of singing partners is perfect, my only complaint is where are the Dolly Partons, Loretta Lynn's and Gillian Welch's (In Spite II)? Favorite songs: Wedding bells/Let's Turn Back the Years, any of the songs with Iris Dement and of course In Spite of Ourselves. Wouldn't it be great to see a tour with John and all 9 of his singing partners, it would be an expensive ticket but I wouldn't mind paying for that one.

FROM: Jim Sisko
Of course, the one song penned by John was the best, but I like the record better every time I hear it!

FROM: John O'Connor
Who cares if this album isn't full of originals? After so many great songs, isn't the man allowed to have fun with a "pet project" as he calls it? This is great, touching, humane country music. It is traditional and beautiful and it speaks so honestly about feelings we've all had. The production is warm and the arrangements are gorgeous. To all the people who have written in saying they are upset that John didn't write 10 new songs, you are missing the point! Just listen... forget who the singers are. Hear how sets up the song so modestly, in an understated manner, and allows the women to bring it home. He'll come in later to show you he feels it too. Lovely! John's voice on this album expresses love and shame, tenderness and heartbreak. Listen to it people! Don't worry about who wrote what.

FROM: surewaycab
Loved it..still loving it No. 2 & No. 15 awesome!

FROM: MikeMc
I am not a Prine fan from way back, just about 10 years. I just about burned holes in The Missing Years. This album reminds me of listening to records with my mom and dad. I can just about imagine why John did this album and how he picked the songs and the ladies. Sorry folks, it makes sense to me.  I hope he gets another album out soon though. We need much more from you John.

FROM: Reeda
My first reaction was a lump in my throat, because I didn't instantly love this album. I remember the same thing happened with "Pink Cadillac" too.  Mostly covers, not a lot of what we all love about Prine. So I played the new CD at least twice a day for a week. I just couldn't get into it. I immediately liked the cover song, because it was sooooo Prine, and was written for his upcoming movie," Daddy and Them" which is suppose to be pretty backwoods, so I assume the song fits in perfectly. With the thoughts in mind that John is singing his favorite songs that he grew up with his favorite female singers....I kept trying to like it. I also loved the "When a Tear Becomes a Rose" duet with his wife, just because I had read the article of how he got her loosened up with a few margaritas, and she sang it with him. I could only imagine them looking at each other and singing the song with real feelings in mind. Given the fact that he may have been singing the song fresh out of his Cancer treatments, that in a conversation with him, he just glowed with pride at mentioning that Fiona was do a cover song with him.....well, I just had a warmth for the song.  The only thing I can suggest if you don't love it immediately, is to play it when you aren't really going to listen and critique it. Just listen to it for what it is, and who he is. The day it hit me was about 10 days into my "Darn it, I am going "get this" album if it kills me" therapy. I put the album on and started to refinish a piece of furniture. It was then that it all hit me....and I found myself singing along, enjoying John's "new" voice, and really liking the album.   My gut reaction, the first time around - was the same as many familiar (but not into country) Prine fans.....but, give it a chance,  you will come to enjoy it .... I promise.  I love his voice, and the songs and the whole kit a caboodle, I can see why these are his favorites - for a fan of the man, I just love the thoughts  behind the album, and for a fan of the man's music The title song is what I want more of, but I'll take anything he will put out, simply because I think I "get it" now.

FROM: Jimbo
Prine is still best when he's doing original material (the title song from In Spite of Ourselves is easily the best tune here, in my mind) but he's pretty damn good when interpreting other material as well. Country music is not my favorite, but Prine's voice is so distinctive that it lends a great element to these old songs. I also like the duet choices, particularly Iris Dement and Lucinda Williams (although they're all fine). Prine may not have hit a home run with this (like he did with The Missing Years and Lost Dogs) but he's added another fine album to his overall resume as one of the most unique and original artists of our time.

FROM: Desi
I am sorry to say that for the first time in over 27 years I actually really dislike a John Prine album. I was away in London for a few days when the album arrived in the shop and I was so looking forward to hearing it. I put it in and before the end of the first track I was flabbergasted at the sound that was coming out the shop speakers, I actually fast forwarded to the next track and so on I just could not believe what I was hearing. I waited for so long for a studio album and got this!! I could not believe that this was his follow-up to "Lost Dogs..". As a shop owner I thought that "Lost Dogs.." was just so good I used to give it to my customers to take away and listen to, with the proviso that if they liked it they brought the money in and if they didn't like it they could return the CD, I never had one CD returned and most people bought another CD. I couldn't (and wouldn't) do this with this CD. The only good songs (and I say this lightly) are the duets with Emmylou! u Harris (but even Garth Brooks version of this song was better, and that's saying something!!), and Dolores Keane. (the Kieran Kane song being the best, but Kieran's version is far superior) and the title track "In Spite Of Ourselves" with Iris DeMent. I do love the quirky lyrics of this song!! But all the rest just left me feeling annoyed that for a wait of 3 years John couldn't come up with something better than this. I was slightly apprehensive when I did know this was going to be a duet album (as I hated his duet with Nanci Griffith's on Other Voices Too (The Streets of Baltimore), but I loved his duets with RB Morris (Roy), Donnie Fritts and Delbert McClinton. It is hard to believe that this album came from the writer of some of the greatest country-folk songs the world has ever heard and it certainly will not make John (in my opinion) any new fans. I love country music (e.g. Merle haggard, George Jones, etc) but John Prine is more than this and as a fan for so long the disappointment is deep.

FROM: Douglas Carey
I have always liked John Prine for his lyrics, and though he has been thrown into the folk category, it is impossible to ignore his country influences. Well, along comes In Spite Of Ourselves, John's covers of his favorite lovin' and cheatin' country duets. John said at his recent performance at the Town Hall in NYC that the album "is a pet project" and that he "promises to write some more for you (the fans)". Pet project or not, I for one am glad that John made this album. He combines some of the best country songs with some of the best country voices. I was already a Lucinda Williams and an Emmylou Harris fan, but after hearing Trisha Yearwood, I'll have to get a hold of an album or two of hers. After being bombarded by "Today's Country" by radio stations with less than mediocre acts like Shania Twain, it is a breath of fresh air to hear some old school country songs. The title song is a real gem, vintage Prine.

FROM: Gary
I first listened to John when his first album came out...1969 or 70-71...I should look it up. I have everything he's produce in vinyl and CD. I know you're excited about his new release (your email updates give you away), but I must say I'm disappointed. I've never been disappointed in John in my life. I've seen him play 5 times in Kalamazoo, MI. I don't know what it is about this new release that just turns me off. Lack of production maybe, I dunno. They are just him singing a song with another person. There's nothing really special about the duets either...just sort of plain.  I guess I was so blown away with Lost Dogs that maybe anything this time around would be a let down. I tried to play it over and over, because sometimes it's just the newness of something that you need to get over, but that didn't work either. I'm glad you enjoy it so. I wish I did. Having a brand new CD of John's that doesn't do anything for you is like having a gorgeous, funny and beautiful and everything but you can't be intimate with her...sad, huh? I look forward to a new release with new Prine words. That's what used to turn me on so, was his story writing. Maybe after a good recovery period, he'll do some serious writin'. Don't get me wrong...people don't usually beat his kind of cancer (I can't spell it). My dad had it and only lasted 8 months. John's very lucky...and so are we.

FROM: you got my number
In Spite of Ourselves is a pretty good album, and I am not a country western kind of person...I really enjoyed Lucinda Williams, Wedding Bells...I also have never heard of Dolores Keane ...but I do love her voice!....But most of all... Fiona Prine .... now there's a voice!!! I think John and Fiona should record an album together...just the two of them... It is certainly not like his other stuff...with the exception of the song In Spite Of Ourselves...but I think the more one listens to it the more it grows on is not one of my favorites but I do enjoy it. Thanks John

This is John Prine On My Grandparent's Front Porch, drinking beer and picking all the latest tunes when I was a girl. What could be better than John Prine intertwined with memories of your grandparents---except for John Prine and your grandparents in real life??!! I listened to it without looking at the cover the first time, so that I could try to identify all the women with each song, and pick out which one was a JP original---got it in three notes ha ha! In Spite of Ourselves made me happy I got it, and gave me one more song to sing to our son ("He's my baby, I'm his mommy, never gonna let him go" is my version)

FROM: steve barr
ok guys and gals...this was the only album ( cd sorry ) that I have EVER reserved before was great and worth the wait....was it the same 'ol John??  NOPE, but good nonetheless...I figure if you are a fan of someone, then you may be interested in who THEY like and what influenced THEM...and this is a nice look into John's likes...Iris DeMent is a treat and so is Melba Montgomery...just goes to show us, keep the past alive and well....thanks John and wish there was a video to go with the new cd....keep up the good work and can't wait to see you in person once again...will have to tell you how a quote of a title of one of your songs (It's A Big 'Ol Goofy World) helped me meet a WONDERFUL woman...peace...steve

FROM: eto
I've only heard "In a Town this Size" so far. Pre release played on KPFT radio in Houston. I swear John has spent some time in my home town White Bluff, Tennessee. This song takes me right back there and pegs the place like a stick-pin thru the employee of the month on a bulletin board.

FROM: Tanker Yanker Mare
I'm not a big country fan, but I love classics. I get it. I love it. These are JP tunes for me. I can see why, by listening, that he'd wanna do these with these great women with beautiful voices! Big 10-4 .

FROM: Kathryn Carroll
The album is refreshing, John did a good job on picking his women singers. The unison is great. And everyone likes listening to some love songs, silly or sad! Great selection of some great old tunes. I've listened to it over and over, gotta be careful though I don't want to wear this one out. And the song IN SPITE OF OURSELVES is just great, you can hear John's sense of humor. It really is a catchy tune, it's running through my head all the time. Iris Dement was the right person for this song! Hats off to JOHN for a great CD! And make sure all you guys listen for Fiona's voice in the song WHEN A TEAR BECOMES A ROSE, she has an awesome voice. If those two sing so good, I wonder what will be in store for his two boys when they get older

FROM: Teresa
I bought the new album-and I like it-especially Wedding Bells/ Lets Turn Back The Years- w/Lucinda Williams-I am a big Lucinda fan-I am going to see her next month-I also like Milwaukee Here I Come- w/Melba Montgomery-and Dear John (I Sent Your Saddle Home)--

FROM: Adam P
First off...just let me say...I think John Prine is a god.. he's the greatest thing in the music world...ever...but.. this is horrid...I just can't deal with it...he's just doing some of his favorite country duet songs and I know that...but I also know that I spent 15 bucks at disc jockey, I didn't think it came out this soon but guess again..) on the god awfulest thing I've ever heard from him...its one the biggest disappointments for me as far as music goes..for this to be the follow up to the brilliant "Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings"....I'm very very disappointed in the cd, him, and the's hoping he writes the next *real* studio album...the title track is the most listenable, if that's a word, and there's parts where its kinda cool...but I don't know..i was a lil let down with that as well...does it seem to you like it wasn't "classic" Prine? This song, when he tries to pull off a clever lil line, he just..writes it..there wasn't much word play in it it seemed to me...tho I laughed out loud at the gets it on like the Easter bunny line, that was about it, and I blame a lot of that on my own personal bias toward duets reminds me a lot of my other favorite song writer, The late Bon Scott from ac/dc (Yup..acdc is my fav "band" Prine's my fav "artist", there's one hell of a jump music taste wise huh?) I don't know how much you know about them, but when Bon wrote the songs for the group prior to his fatal drinking ep. in Feb 1980, the lyrics always had sort of a clever lil shot about them..sure they were still talking about sex n rock and all the reg. stuff..but it was done brilliantly...after his death, when Angus and Malcolm started writing most of them...they were still good..but they more often than not just came out and said it...rather than trying to be sly about it....and that kinda reminds me of his writing style for "in spite of ourselves" lines like.."he aint got laid in a month of Sundays, caught him once and he was sniffing my undies" is all well and good..but..I don't just doesn't seem like the same Prine that wrote hello in there, or bottomless lake for that matter..but oh I said....I hate duets to begin with..and I don't like country at this album def wasn't for me to start with hehehe...   "for a rhyme without reason floats down to the bottom" ~John Prine, 'He Was In Heaven Before He Died'

I am much ashamed to write this e mail....... I just received 2 copies of JP's newest CD....... I sure hope this isn't a trend. We're a bunch of Prine fan-atics and the thought of him back in the studio was way cool. That is, until the CD arrived. If it weren't for the title song, which IS vintage Prine and I love it (just too short!!) I honestly might have asked for a refund. I'm sure you probably don't give a s#$% but I feel better saying it. The other artist are certainly great, but I buy John Prine 'cuz I like John Prine. Thanks for listening (reading!)

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